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DaVinci Miqro

9 Avis
120,00 € 199,00 €
Economisez 79,00 €
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Projet Tree Plant

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Alan F.
found it more compact than

found it more compact than i thought, great modern design and made a great gift,

Samuel B.
Battery life is short, but

Battery life is short, but thats not what this is for

Paul K.
Da Vinci miqro

Great little vape, especially for the price. Small and discreet but packs a good hit. Also herbalise service was spot on, ordered on Friday, received on Saturday, which was awesome cos I'd dropped and broke the one I had and thought I'd have to go without for days!

Christopher S.
Great Little Vape

Great for small consistent flavourful vapes. Would recommend for light user only. The full kit was very nice and well presented with lots of great accessories.

Fab little Vape

I've been looking for a new vape for sometime now, my Pax2 was having issues (not charging, sporadic charging/battery life) and my pipe wasn't cutting it. There were so many options, but I decided on the Da Vinci Miqro - it was under my maximum budgeted amount, it looked nice, and the reviews were largely positive about it and its older bro, the Iq. I chose the "explorer" option, it wasn't much more to get the full bundle but is DEFINITELY worth it. The spare battery will come in handy for my longer sessions when I'm out the house. It also includes a battery carry case, with a 'secret compartment' for your herb! Other extra accessories in the box included a carry case, charging cable, extra mouth piece, cleaning kit and a grinder coin. The grinder coin, an implement I've renamed as "The circular herb grater", is a 3cm flat circle with tiny sharp edged holes, so you can grind your herb on the go discreetly, no need to take out a bulky grinder in public. I attached it to the battery case/herb case with the included keyring, ready for adventures! The vape charges quickly, and you're ready to go. I chose Smart Path level 3, it gently heated the herb up and created a smooth and tasty vapor cloud. The high hit me good! Gentle, slow pulls creates the best vapor, imho. I got a few sessions before having to charge again; the battery life isn't amazing, again, if you can, opt for the explorer option to get the spare battery. The oven is large considering the size of the vape, but if you prefer smaller sessions, Davinci has you covered! The pearl tamper that holds the herb down in the oven is adjustable by up to 40%, great if you are trying to use less herb. All in all, I could not be happier with my choice. The Miqro is aesthetically pleasing, well priced, and a great piece of equipment - I would highly recommend.